Definition of tenebrosity in English:



mass nounliterary
  • The quality of being dark or shadowy.

    • ‘The moonlight glistened across the endless tenebrosity that surrounded the ship in the late hours of the night.’
    • ‘Mr. Baldwin was joined by Mr. Asquith in his condemnation of the tenebrosity of the Government statements.’
    • ‘The tenebrosity was split by occasional strands of bright light that were now lying across her cheek, her chest, her legs and her ankles.’
    • ‘In this vast emptiness and profound tenebrosity, no images could be formed.’
    • ‘Whirling around, Maria scrutinised the tenebrosity stretching before her.’
    dark, blackness, absence of light, gloom, gloominess, dimness, dullness, murk, murkiness, shadowiness, shadow, shade, shadiness, dusk, twilight, gloaming
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Late Middle English: from Old French ténébrosité, from Latin tenebrosus, from tenebrae ‘darkness’.