Definition of tendril in English:



  • 1A slender threadlike appendage of a climbing plant, often growing in a spiral form, that stretches out and twines round any suitable support.

    • ‘Grasping vines, like grape, climb by grasping their support with tendrils.’
    • ‘It will climb a suitable support by means of its red tendrils.’
    • ‘The twining leaf tendrils will attach themselves to wires or other plants.’
    • ‘The ground has long, green tendrils growing from it.’
    • ‘They grow like dandelions, with long-spreading tendrils.’
    • ‘Each plant had from two to four tendrils.’
    • ‘The garden pea has leaf tendrils.’
    • ‘Thick green tendrils stretched themselves across the stone.’
    • ‘These roses require support for their canes, as they do not have tendrils like vines to attach themselves.’
    • ‘Wire wrapped around the ladder gives the vine tendrils plenty of places to twine around.’
    • ‘The plants produce an abundance of tendrils and can support themselves if planted about 1 inch apart.’
    • ‘Redvine tendrils begin growing out of the shoot straight, thin, and flexible.’
    • ‘Shoots were cut, divided into stems with broad leaves, tendrils, flowers, and fruits.’
    • ‘Provide some support and the tendrils will climb up to the sky.’
    • ‘Watch the tendrils on the stems to judge ripeness.’
    • ‘The plant climbs by means of tendrils and is best grown in a composted soil supported by a fence or trellis.’
    • ‘She pulled several long willow tendrils from the tree's branches.’
    • ‘No sun shone past the thick canopy of tendrils and leaves.’
    • ‘New tendrils and blossoms burst from buds on spring flowering plants.’
    • ‘They look more like a confusing maze of roots and tendrils than a real tree.’
    thread, strand, filament
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    1. 1.1 Something resembling a plant tendril, especially a slender curl or ringlet of hair.
      ‘the wind fitfully moved the dark tendrils around her forehead’
      • ‘My tangled hair fell in sticky tendrils across my face.’
      • ‘She had her hair carelessly tied back but tendrils were already escaping the elastic band.’
      • ‘She twisted the loose tendrils of my hair around her fingers.’
      • ‘I slipped my left hand up into his hair, curling my finger around the tendrils of damp hair.’
      • ‘Slowly, he raised his hand to brush a few stray tendrils of hair from her face.’
      • ‘The optic nerve is composed of long tendrils called axons.’
      • ‘He glowered and brushed wispy tendrils of white hair from his face.’
      • ‘Round faces would benefit from side slimming tendrils that hug the face.’
      • ‘As usual, his hair was in tendrils that hung halfway down his face.’
      • ‘Her hair was piled in curls atop her head with tendrils curling down softly and resting on her shoulders.’
      • ‘She is radiantly attired in a pink designer dress, with her hair curled in tendrils.’
      • ‘Her rich, dark chocolate hair cascaded down her back in loose curled tendrils.’
      • ‘A light breeze once again blew the tendrils of hair into her face.’
      • ‘She smoothed away a few tendrils of hair.’
      • ‘On either side, a couple thin tendrils of hair were left, snaking down to her shoulders.’
      • ‘The little girl throws her head back, thrilling at the breeze blowing through the tendrils of her hair.’
      • ‘Her hair was thrown in a slightly messy ponytail that let tendrils of golden tawny hair fall in curls around her face.’
      • ‘Her hair was the brightest blonde, and curled into silky tendrils.’
      • ‘She braided my hair on top of my head, leaving tendrils hanging down.’
      • ‘His fingertips slid into the soft tendrils of her hair.’
      lock, tress, wisp
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Mid 16th century: probably a diminutive of Old French tendron ‘young shoot’, from Latin tener ‘tender’.