Definition of ten out of ten in English:

ten out of ten


  • 1A perfect mark.

    • ‘I came into work triumphantly waving the paper and my colleague checked my scribblings and gave me a little star and a ten out of ten marking.’
    1. 1.1 Used to indicate that someone has done something well.
      ‘you have to give her ten out of ten for persistence’
      • ‘While the food gets ten out of ten, we can't say the same for the weather.’
      • ‘I can have the best answers and get ten out of ten on this worksheet.’
      • ‘The design of the place wasn't practical, but I had to give it ten out of ten for comfort and originality.’
      • ‘At the end of her term she has emerged with a rating of ten out of ten.’
      • ‘Here is a second chance to pick up some of the wines that scored ten out of ten.’
      • ‘The riveting production earned ten out of ten for entertainment value.’
      • ‘If the music weeklies gave an album ten out of ten, I invariably went and bought it.’
      • ‘I would give it ten out of ten if someone bought it for me because no-one ever buys me perfume, but for my other half…’
      • ‘Every player gets ten out of ten for effort.’
      • ‘I would give myself a ten out of ten for my performance.’