Definition of Tempranillo in English:



mass noun
  • 1A variety of wine grape grown in Spain, used to make Rioja wine.

    • ‘In both places, wines are made mainly from the red grape Tempranillo.’
    • ‘Reds from the Rioja region of Spain are primarily made from Tempranillo grapes.’
    • ‘This wine is bold, forthright, and full of cherry Tempranillo character.’
    • ‘It turns out the grape is a Tempranillo.’
    • ‘Lying southwest of Rioja, the region's wines are Tempranillo based and oak-aged.’
    • ‘The black grapes used - Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graziano and Mazuelo - continually deliver ripe, juicy fruit flavours.’
    • ‘The harvested Tempranillo grapes are fermented in the usual way.’
    • ‘The 2001 El Coto Rioja was made with the traditional Tempranillo grape.’
    • ‘I absolutely love Rioja, which I think is made from Tempranillo.’
    • ‘Their luxury 100 per cent Tempranillo, single estate Riojas have come to the notice of a wine guru.’
    • ‘It's a youthful blend of mainly Tempranillo with a little Cabernet and Merlot.’
    1. 1.1 A red wine made from the Tempranillo grape.
      • ‘The red to try now is their 2002 Tempranillo, of which just 400 cases have been made.’
      • ‘Older Tempranillos were so expensive that no one could afford them.’
      • ‘The second room holds the Tempranillos.’
      • ‘She and her husband managed to produce their first few barrels of Tempranillo Grenache.’
      • ‘It is lighter in body and structure than other Tempranillos I have had.’
      • ‘Expect the best crystal wine glasses in the correct shape for each wine, be it a Tempranillo or a Sauvignon Blanc.’
      • ‘Visit the vineyard to taste one of California's few Tempranillos.’
      • ‘Today we are introduced to Tempranillos and Semillons.’
      • ‘We sipped on Chardonnays, Merlots and Tempranillos.’
      • ‘Here is a Tempranillo from the justly praised Domaine de Eguren.’
      • ‘Fred took solace in a glass or two of Tempranillo.’
      • ‘There were also Tempranillos from Australia, Argentina, Portugal and Mexico that received high marks from the judges.’
      • ‘Last week I tasted a flight of California Tempranillos.’
      • ‘I'd have to opt for cheese and biscuits and wash it all down with a bottle of Tempranillo, our most popular red.’
      • ‘This young wine was more successful than just about any Aussie Tempranillos we've tasted.’
      • ‘The fishcakes beg to be accompanied by a spicy Spanish red wine such as this youthful Tempranillo.’
      • ‘Many contemporary Tempranillos are perky but very slight.’
      • ‘Tempranillo has been popular for generations.’
      • ‘I have learnt I like Spanish reds, particularly Tempranillos.’
      • ‘This was my introduction to the spiciness of the Tempranillos.’


Named after a village in northern Spain.