Definition of temporary hardness in English:

temporary hardness


mass noun
  • The presence in water of mineral salts (chiefly calcium bicarbonate) that are removed by boiling.

    • ‘There are two types of hardness, resulting from different compounds - permanent and temporary hardness.’
    • ‘Calcium bicarbonate is called temporary hardness because it will precipitate out of solution.’
    • ‘The term ‘temporary hardness’ is sometimes used, because the hardness is removed by boiling.’
    • ‘The water has a lot of temporary hardness from a high level of bicarbonate.’
    • ‘Temporary hardness can be precipitated and removed by boiling the water.’
    • ‘Make sure you know how and why temporary hardness is removed.’
    • ‘When temporary hardness is eliminated by this method, no salts remain.’
    • ‘The temporary hardness is caused by the magnesium and calcium bound in hydrogen carbonate or carbonate.’