Definition of temporal lobe in English:

temporal lobe


  • Each of the paired lobes of the brain lying beneath the temples, including areas concerned with the understanding of speech.

    • ‘These are rare brain disorders that affect primarily the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain.’
    • ‘‘This part of your brain is the temporal lobe,’ the nurse said.’
    • ‘Women who are obese throughout life are more likely to lose brain tissue, particularly in the temporal lobe area.’
    • ‘The temporal lobes of the brain lie at the sides of the head above the ears.’
    • ‘Speech control from the left temporal lobe operates in finding words or naming objects.’
    • ‘In modern humans the temporal lobes are associated with hearing and understanding speech.’
    • ‘Abscesses in the temporal lobes at the sides of the brain usually cause partial loss of vision.’
    • ‘What got the attention of the radiologist was an abnormal computed tomographic scan of the brain that revealed a large temporal lobe tumor showing mass effect and swelling.’
    • ‘Language comprehension resides in the temporal lobe.’
    • ‘A comparison of the brain scans revealed differences in the volume of gray matter in the frontal and temporal lobes.’
    • ‘Communication between the temporal lobe and the frontal lobe is important.’
    • ‘This is a neurological syndrome which results from damage localized to both temporal lobes.’
    • ‘Partial epilepsy results from abnormal neuronal activity that originates usually in one of the temporal lobes.’
    • ‘This is a section through the temporal lobe and brain stem.’
    • ‘They suspect that trauma to the right temporal lobe.’
    • ‘Young adults seemed inclined to rely more on the temporal lobes while performing memory tasks.’
    • ‘Examination of the brain revealed areas of softening and discoloration affecting the temporal lobes.’
    • ‘Memory systems in the medial temporal lobe are damaged in all cases.’
    • ‘The researchers saw a shift in activation from the temporal lobe to the frontal lobe during a language skills task.’
    • ‘The most common form of epilepsy involves seizures that begin in the brain's temporal lobes.’