Definition of temperance movement in English:

temperance movement


  • A movement seeking restrictions on the consumption of alcohol.

    • ‘Spending on drink usually competed not only with the demands of family, house, and home for a share of the family wage, but also with the propaganda of a temperance movement which preached the evils of alcohol.’
    • ‘Anti-alcohol initiatives have revived the spirit of the temperance movement. Of course, there are dangers to excessive alcohol consumption.’
    • ‘Helped by the rise of the temperance movement, which actively promoted it as an alternative to alcohol, tea started to be drunk morning, noon and night.’
    • ‘Towards the end of the 19th Century, the Methodist Church joined the temperance movement to set a good example against widespread drinking problems in the society of the day.’
    • ‘She also became active in the women's suffrage movement and the temperance movement.’