Definition of tempeh in English:



mass noun
  • An Indonesian dish made by deep-frying fermented soya beans.

    • ‘Soy products - such as soy milk, soy flour, soy nuts, tofu and tempeh - contain isoflavones, plant-based compounds that may reduce your risk of prostate cancer.’
    • ‘Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are good sources of zinc, as are sprouted legumes, seeds and grain, tahini, fermented soya products like tempeh and miso, and legumes.’
    • ‘Add cubed tempeh to pasta sauce, spread soy butter on a whole wheat pita instead of peanut butter or toss soy sprouts on a salad or in stir-fry dishes.’
    • ‘Nutritionally speaking, tempeh is very similar to tofu.’
    • ‘She claims that the traditional process of making fermented soya products like tofu or tempeh destroys many of the allegedly dangerous chemicals in soya, unlike modern factory methods used today.’
    • ‘Soy is available in a variety of forms, including tofu, edamame, miso and tempeh.’
    • ‘The Asian diet includes grains such as rice and noodles, and soy foods like tofu and tempeh.’
    • ‘Soybean-based products, such as tofu and tempeh, can be a good alternative to meat because they contain all of the amino acids your body needs to make a complete protein, just like meat.’
    • ‘Tofu, tempeh and other soy foods are complete proteins, but most plant proteins are deficient in one or more essential amino acids, making them incomplete.’
    • ‘Meaty Brazil nuts add a healthy crunch to these savory veggie burgers, which are beefed up with tempeh and black beans.’
    • ‘Proteins are comprised of amino acids, which are obtained from such sources as fish, meat, eggs, cheese, legumes, tofu (soya bean curd) and tempeh (fermented soya beans).’
    • ‘Soya-based foods such as tofu, tempeh and soya milk and yoghurt are all rich in oestrogen-like compounds called isoflavones.’
    • ‘Soy foods like hot dogs, soy sausage, tempeh, and even soy pastrami are also great substitutes because they contain no saturated fat.’
    • ‘Add tofu, tempeh, soybeans, soy powder or soymilk to your diet.’
    • ‘Try portions of tofu, tempeh (fermented tofu) and soya milk.’
    • ‘My parents have been very positive about my meals, and I am very proud of my father, who has been trying dishes laced with tofu or tempeh.’
    • ‘Tofu and tempeh make great alternatives to grilled meats.’
    • ‘It consists of plain steamed rice served with beef stew, salted eggs, fried beancurd, tempeh, cucumber, basil, mung beans and chili sauce.’
    • ‘But because tempeh is fermented, it has distinct health benefits that tofu doesn't.’
    • ‘Textured soy protein and tempeh are excellent meat alternatives that can completely or partially replace ground meat to reduce intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.’


From Indonesian tempe.