Definition of tell someone's fortune in English:

tell someone's fortune


  • Make predictions about a person's future by palmistry, using a crystal ball, or similar methods.

    ‘during uncertain times people flocked to have their fortunes told’
    • ‘She took her daughter out to see them and they admired the little girl as they told her fortune.’
    • ‘And after that was attended to, she drew up a chair to the rickety table, and told her fortune with an old deck of cards.’
    • ‘The last time someone told my fortune they didn't say a word about living in another country so I discounted most of the things that they said.’
    • ‘In Asia, there are people who can tell your fortune by just looking at your palm or face.’
    • ‘I know fortune cookies rarely tell your fortune, but when did they start telling you off?’
    • ‘After a session with the local witchdoctor who told our fortune, we sampled the wonderful hot springs nearby.’
    • ‘I was in the middle of telling someone's fortune when I heard a commotion.’
    • ‘Then an older man, wearing a lab coat but still strongly reminiscent of both the tarot reader and the zodiac expert, ran his fingertips over the slides, as though they were Braille, and told her fortune.’
    • ‘You may want to save these though, since many believe that you can use them to tell your fortune.’
    • ‘My friend Jennifer decided one day that she would tell my fortune using an ordinary pack of playing cards.’