Definition of teleworker in English:



  • See telework

    • ‘The guidance, which is voluntary and non-binding, covers issues for teleworkers including health and safety, working hours, claiming expenses, training, privacy and the dangers of isolation from colleagues.’
    • ‘To square this never-ending circle, teleworkers are having to dig deeper into themselves, employ ever-greater amounts of emotional muscle power, to sustain the required level of perkiness.’
    • ‘And, if you believe the prediction that a third or more of Britain's commuters will become teleworkers, urban congestion and car pollution are other obvious problems it helps solve.’
    • ‘Today there are over 100 teleworkers on the Western Isles who ‘can work as many hours as they want’.’
    • ‘With two million teleworkers the UK may have more than any other European company - but it is still a far cry from the half the workforce experts once predicted would be working from home by now.’