Definition of televisionary in English:



informal, humorous
  • An enthusiast for television.

    ‘televisionaries are telling us to accept that ours is a post-literate world’
    • ‘Soundbyte hackers, cybernautes and digital televisionaries of the information age follow the red thread of practical Utopias to the sound of a synthetic ‘New World Music’.’
    • ‘As a televisionary, my purpose is to combine spirituality with entertainment.’
    • ‘Described by Time magazine as a "televisionary" and "seer," he has taken a concept about aliens and the search for the truth and created nothing less than a cultural phenomenon with millions of devoted fans around the world.’


  • Relating to or induced by television.

    ‘televisionary indoctrination’
    • ‘Sanjay, who had been endowed ad hoc with televisionary ability, narrated the day's events to the blind man.’