Definition of televangelist in English:


(also tele-evangelist)


North American
  • An evangelical preacher who appears regularly on television to promote beliefs and appeal for funds.

    • ‘Projected on the gallery wall, the video of the event convincingly resembled programs hosted by televangelists.’
    • ‘Televangelism became immensely profitable, with many televangelists drawing in millions of dollars every year, far exceeding the budgets of entire denominations.’
    • ‘The televangelist also told CNN yesterday that he wished the president would admit to making mistakes, and suggested that his frustrations had been growing.’
    • ‘We now know what happened with the televangelists.’
    • ‘I was religious-channel surfing a couple of weeks ago and stopped at a televangelist whose hair and make-up were mesmerizing.’
    • ‘Do you ask for money on your broadcasts, like televangelists have done in the past?’
    • ‘But he's no ordinary televangelist, preaching hell and damnation, repentance and Judgement Day.’
    • ‘Like the tele-evangelists of today, these wandering preachers were trying to spread good news.’
    • ‘Technological advance and productivity gains have made it possible for televangelists, day traders, and historians to flourish.’
    • ‘‘Good evening, brothers and sisters,’ said Billy with the same tone he had used in his early days as a televangelist.’
    • ‘Today's religious airwaves are filled with radio and televangelists preaching the gospel of success.’
    • ‘People send money to televangelists, and it makes them feel good.’
    • ‘‘Holy Father, we thank you for providing us with guidance,’ said Bob, who works for an influential televangelist.’
    • ‘Most of these tortured souls end up among the ranks of bureaucrats, politicians, teachers, televangelists, social workers and ‘mental-health professionals’.’
    • ‘A fiery televangelist recently testified to an ominous scenario in which God, in the Bible, is alerting faithful Bible readers to the awesome dangers of current and impending world events.’
    • ‘At length, he came to the television broadcasting facility of a televangelist.’
    • ‘If most of your exposure to religion involves televangelists, you may not realize just how many churches run on shoestring budgets.’
    • ‘When a televangelist decides to broadcast a special from within the jail, the sheriff's department is only too eager to comply.’