Definition of telepathy in English:



  • [mass noun] The supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

    • ‘Let us not trivialise this by saying that it is because of parapsychology or telepathy.’
    • ‘It works like mental telepathy where one person can read another's thoughts.’
    • ‘More importantly, how did one respond to telepathy without bringing attention to themselves?’
    • ‘Get some rest and we'll start with telepathy and telekinesis in the morning.’
    • ‘Maybe there was some kind of telepathy she held, where she was able to secretly communicate with his parents.’
    • ‘They had perfectly mastered telepathy, empathy, creative energy work, and healing.’
    • ‘An explanation in terms of telepathy was also favoured by the fact that the success rates depended on who was calling.’
    • ‘Will the brain in humans evolve to such a state that humans communicate all by telepathy…?’
    • ‘This categorisation has to be seen in the context of the place of telepathy and the occult in psychoanalysis.’
    • ‘The explanation many people reach for involves mental telepathy or psychic stirrings.’
    • ‘We wanted him to use the special powers of telepathy that he had to locate you.’
    • ‘In her new book, she shows cat-lovers how to communicate with their pets through telepathy.’
    • ‘She wasn't sure if they were speaking aloud or communicating through telepathy.’
    • ‘Does this sentence refer to experiences in telepathy and non-verbal communication between you and him?’
    • ‘I believe in the sixth sense, telepathy and rebirth as I have experienced it.’
    • ‘About half of Bulgarians believe in telepathy, the evil eye and black magic, and that dreams can be prophetic.’
    • ‘If telepathy really exists, then telephone calls would provide a good way of revealing it.’
    • ‘This is why psychic experiences, and telepathy in particular, are more interesting to me than beliefs about angels.’
    • ‘This does not mean that there was no scientific evidence for telepathy a century ago.’
    • ‘By and large, psychical researchers failed to convince the majority of the scientific and academic worlds of the existence of telepathy.’
    mind reading, thought transference
    extrasensory perception, esp
    clairvoyance, sixth sense
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