Definition of telehealth in English:



mass noun
  • The provision of healthcare remotely by means of telecommunications technology.

    ‘the Scottish executive is keen to expand telehealth in a country where much of the population lives in rural and island locations’
    as modifier ‘across the country, councils are investing in telehealth services’
    • ‘This project evaluated the effectiveness of telehealth to improve and expand the services available to three remote and isolated communities.’
    • ‘He delivered the feature address during the media launch of the University of the West Indies' telehealth programme.’
    • ‘Telehealth now offers 24/7 access to health information provided by registered nurses.’
    • ‘Improved access to telehealth services at the Regional Hospital means she and the kids don't have to travel south for most medical appointments.’
    • ‘This book is best suited to an advanced nurse practitioner who wants to implement telehealth in a rural community.’
    • ‘Five out of six treatments were completed by means of telehealth.’
    • ‘We used commercially available, off-the-shelf equipment to conduct biofeedback through the use of telehealth treatment.’
    • ‘Telecommunications or telehealth services may also be a creative method to reach individuals who live in remote rural areas.’
    • ‘Broadband connectivity to the home should not be the common denominator in delivering telehealth.’
    • ‘After the photographs were taken, the digital images were uploaded on a laptop computer in the telehealth room.’