Definition of telecon in English:



  • A teleconference.

    • ‘Up late on Friday but in time to run a quick meeting (telecon of course) then off to the Woodlands Golf Club for the IBM Social Golf Club day.’
    • ‘"I am from Chennai and am happy to be working here on this project," he said in a telecon from California.’
    • ‘A limited number of reporters will be able to participate via telecon by advising Lynch of their affiliation.’
    • ‘" As per our today's telecon, we are sending you herewith a confirmation of insurance for the CMA coverage you have insured via ITS.’
    • ‘U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) St. Petersburg, Fla. or at your desk via telecon’
    • ‘Among the first measures that is to be initiated, according to highly unreliable sources, was finalized during a secret telecon with India's Deputy Prime Minister.’
    • ‘" We refer to the telecon this morning.’
    • ‘The Board was identified and named by mid-afternoon of Saturday, September the 1 st and their first meeting was via telecon by 5 p.m.’
    • ‘Mexican telecon titan Carlos Sum Helu remains at number three but all three of the world's richest men got poorer in the past year.’
    • ‘At the conclusion of that telecon, BizJet said, the representative for Gulfstream asked, "Where do we go from here?"’
    • ‘As far as the actual rent is concerned, as I explained to you during our telecon, I have spoken to them.’
    • ‘" Further to our telecon earlier today and your last message.’
    • ‘Media may participate in person or via telecon.’
    • ‘A limited number of reporters will be able to participate via telecon by advising Lynch of their affiliation and phone number.’
    • ‘Further to our telecon of yesterday we confirm our interest in the above development.’
    • ‘" We confirm the telecon of today's date between your Mr. Rob Bruce and the writer in respect of the block and stone supply for the above project.’
    • ‘The telecon was so hush hush that not a word was actually spoken while it was in progress, for fear of, what else, leaks.’
    • ‘" Further to our telecon, unfortunately Buyers have asked us to inform the Sellers that they unfortunately will not be able to proceed with this deal.’