Definition of telecine in English:



mass noun
  • 1The broadcasting of cinema film on television.

    • ‘With film handling knowledge from working in film sound, telecine was a logical next step for her; and, of all the juniors, she was the only one who wasn't afraid to touch film.’
    • ‘Locating the ideal set of film elements for telecine is expensive and time consuming.’
    • ‘It can be argued that DVD upholds the integrity of the original work, preserving qualities that could easily have been lost in telecine.’
    • ‘It's almost at the level of early telecine transfers.’
    1. 1.1 Equipment used in telecine broadcasting.
      • ‘The Sound Mixer would control the various sound sources, whilst a Production Assistant cues in items on videotape and telecine.’
      • ‘This telecine function allows the colorist to display a shot from earlier in a scene or even from a previous scene, just as it was transferred, and use it as a reference guide for matching color tone consistently if not ideally.’
      • ‘The design of the windows shows that this shot of Baird telecine equipment was taken in the Crystal Palace building, probably in 1935 or early 1936.’
      • ‘The lab is the only real consistent cash flow source and the biggest asset there is the telecine machine.’
      • ‘Modern or not, TWW in the mid sixties was as susceptible as any other company to breakdowns and Iris remembers one fateful Sunday afternoon when the telecine machine used to transmit the afternoon film broke down.’