Definition of teetotalism in English:



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    • ‘With the growth of the movement came a more radical agenda of teetotalism and a concerted campaign to end the state's liquor licensing system through local option legislation and eventually state prohibition in the 1850s.’
    • ‘One reason for the multiplicity of groups was a difference of opinion which soon emerged between the advocates of moderation in drinking and those who demanded total abstinence - or teetotalism.’
    • ‘It was formed in 1901 as part of the Temperance Movement a series of Victorian religious and political pressure groups advocating teetotalism.’
    • ‘Not the least of these differences was the generous supply of alcohol in one and the teetotalism of the other.’
    • ‘Personally, as I grow older, I tend more toward my mother's teetotalism and away from my father's moderate drinking.’
    temperance, abstinence, abstention, sobriety
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