Definition of teenager in English:



  • A person aged between 13 and 19 years.

    • ‘It came as a shock to see how chubby he was as both a child and an early teenager.’
    • ‘These are the messages we need to be giving out to the teenagers and young people of today.’
    • ‘The teenagers were also asked a series of additional questions about their parents.’
    • ‘They claim they have been told to send the teenager to another school or face court action.’
    • ‘The teenager said he had no problem with the police stopping people for bad behaviour.’
    • ‘As a teenager, I know what my fellow teens get up to, and how these antics can be stopped.’
    • ‘She was a bit surprised at the matter of fact way in which the teenagers accepted the change.’
    • ‘A teenager had his rucksack taken from him by a youth, who was part of a larger gang.’
    • ‘It is feared many teenagers feel they can't afford to continue on to college or sixth form.’
    • ‘They wanted to see money spent on a homeless shelter for teenagers in the town.’
    • ‘A call was made today for a change in the law so teenagers can get involved in politics at every level.’
    • ‘Firefighters said the teenagers were being nominated for an award for their actions.’
    • ‘The more engaged you are in your teenagers ' lives, the better their lives will be.’
    • ‘This park will for the first time cater for teenagers as well as young children in the borough.’
    • ‘A youth shelter is being unveiled to give teenagers a place to gather in the evenings.’
    • ‘Fair enough, a few teenagers do get drunk and become violent but surely they are in the minority.’
    • ‘Police have appealed for help in tracing two men who robbed two teenagers after talking to them.’
    • ‘At the discos there will be prizes offered to teenagers for their dancing skills as well as draws.’
    • ‘My parents were teenagers in the war years, and I think life was very tough for people then.’
    • ‘I have three teenagers living in my house and the youngest two are driving me to distraction.’
    adolescent, youth, young person, boy, girl, minor, juvenile
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1940s (originally in the US): from teenage + -er.