Definition of technophile in English:



  • A person who is enthusiastic about new technology.

    ‘he became an ardent technophile, buying every new gadget on the market’
    • ‘There has to be room for the technophobes as well as the technophiles.’
    • ‘We're going via a day's stopover in Tokyo and I'm travelling with some serious technophiles so it's going to be lots of fun.’
    • ‘There's no way the media companies can fight the technophiles and win this battle.’
    • ‘What began as a pet project for technophiles has become a multibillion-dollar industry, with uses ranging from untethered computers in the home to major networking connections for telecommunications giants.’
    • ‘Do not panic - the book is not targeted at technophiles.’
    • ‘A magazine is also being launched and technophiles can even play the game on their mobile phones.’
    • ‘Mr Thomas said the steady increase in sales was being driven now by family buyers, rather than hardened technophiles.’
    • ‘While many technophiles have been willing to make such a deal, the average user might not.’
    • ‘However, what may be lacking for the extreme technophiles will not be at all distracting for the average filmgoer.’
    • ‘Some may still regard the Internet as a place for student and technophiles, but people of all ages are now online. To prove it, there are now dozens of websites dedicated to the more mature Internet user.’
    • ‘Is this a revolt by the hard-core technophiles?’
    • ‘If such technology manages to spread beyond the limits of the experiment and grow in availability it will surely provoke no end of debate between the technophiles and luddites of the arts community.’
    • ‘The latest trend among technophiles is to communicate through video logs online journals replete with film clips shot on digital video cameras.’
    • ‘This look at the current status of robot evolution will intrigue technophiles, sci-fi fans and those with an interest in the social sciences alike.’
    • ‘Real technophiles will be disappointed about the limited scope of their game.’
    • ‘Although he was certainly not a technophile, he was not against technology in itself.’
    • ‘Moreover, despite the enthusiasm of the technophiles, putting disparate functions together doesn't necessarily attract buyers.’
    • ‘The technophiles and apparent technophobes at the conference seldom engaged closely with each other's presentations and ideas.’
    • ‘I don't believe that it's worth paying for, and I can't imagine anyone but a few technophiles buying and deploying it.’
    • ‘Handset quality remains a problem but this should not come as any great surprise to technophiles.’