Definition of technically in English:



  • 1usually sentence adverb According to the facts or exact meaning of something; strictly.

    ‘technically, a nut is a single-seeded fruit’
    • ‘The fact that it is technically in breach of the car hire agreement is, surely, a civil matter and thus just a technicality?’
    • ‘Plus, the fact that it's technically a fungus puts off some communities like Jains.’
    • ‘While that's technically correct, it should be noted that this is a bleak comedy.’
    • ‘The first is the fact that, technically, we don't know the candidates.’
    • ‘Secret ballot or not, the vote should technically be strictly on the ‘criteria’.’
    • ‘His site is technically illegal, although he has tried to get a license, but the price is too high.’
    • ‘The house has since been rebuilt, but is still illegal and could technically be destroyed at any time.’
    • ‘The statement was technically correct, since it accurately reflected the British paper.’
    • ‘This is technically illegal, but if you sign a contract that mentions it, you really can't complain too much.’
    • ‘He said that the dowry system - while technically illegal - is a way of life.’
    • ‘Although technically correct in most of his decisions, he failed to take any account of the conditions.’
    • ‘This is technically true in the fact that because we are going to war too, the overall operation is multilateral.’
    • ‘Protesters complained many people had already been using national flags and symbols, although they were technically illegal.’
    • ‘Whilst technically correct it omits to mention how he obtained the degree.’
    • ‘And despite the fact that what they were doing was technically illegal, no one seemed to mind.’
    • ‘His movements are severely restricted and his legal status is in limbo - technically he is still an illegal immigrant.’
    • ‘It is not technically illegal to take money out of the country.’
    • ‘Although the trees were technically on our property, the hammock belonged to my neighbors.’
    • ‘Thus when people say that dinosaurs are extinct, they are technically not correct.’
    • ‘I commit actions which are technically illegal, but which, according to my point of view, are of benefit to people.’
    properly, in fairness, correctly, legally, technically, in conscience, in all conscience
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  • 2With reference to the technique displayed.

    ‘a technically brilliant boxing contest’
    • ‘He obviously has a ballet background, because he is very technically correct.’
    • ‘Lorraine gave a brilliant account of the technically demanding solo role in the concerto.’
    • ‘Though technically brilliant your movies always have a social or political theme.’
    • ‘This is not just a technically brilliant performance, but one from the heart.’
    • ‘He's never found wanting technically, and there are some jaw-dropping displays of speed and power’
    • ‘I know he has a lot of fans, and technically, his singing is brilliant.’
    • ‘He's very clever to work with, brilliant technically, and he makes my job so much easier.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the next few releases, while still technically brilliant, were commercial flops.’
    • ‘It includes some of the most emotionally creative and technically brilliant music alongside the bland and inane.’
    • ‘Her woollen coats and cashmere dresses were technically brilliant.’
    • ‘If you're already a fan, you will find it moving and inspiring and technically brilliant.’
    • ‘Expect English National Ballet's technically brilliant dancing to bring an evening of pure pleasure.’
    • ‘Like Citizen Kane I find this movie to be technically brilliant, but mostly boring.’
    • ‘Cameras today are technically brilliant and sometimes you can just create one great image.’
    • ‘The results must surely be among the most technically brilliant anatomical studies ever made.’
    • ‘To become a good player, you need to be technically correct in certain basics.’
  • 3Involving or regarding the technology available.

    ‘technically advanced tools’
    • ‘You claim it wasn't very technically innovative, but it did lead to the creation of the IMAX process.’
    • ‘Many of the participants would be generally regarded as technically proficient Web users.’
    • ‘How can the most technically advanced and financially backed Intelligence services in the world not know the truth?’
    • ‘For this, countries need to be well administered, economically sound and technically advanced.’
    • ‘It is difficult for us to do that in India as it is not as technically advanced as the UK.’
    • ‘Modern biotechnology is a more technically advanced form of this older biotechnology.’
    • ‘One of the most technically challenging and innovative bridges ever seen in this country has been built across the Ouse.’
    • ‘By 1945 it had become far more advanced both technically and in its ability to provide intelligence.’
    • ‘But we've got some of the most technically advanced manufacturing plants in the world.’
    • ‘Some laboratory activities were technically advanced for middle school students.’
    • ‘This was technically innovative since the two fibers for a duplex link were located in one ferrule.’
    • ‘He remembered life before he had come on board the most technically advanced ship in the Empire.’
    • ‘In recent years, he had advocated a smaller but more technically advanced military.’
    • ‘Training is a major commitment for technically focused firms today, and it has become a big business.’
    • ‘Nor did I ever realise just how big and technically advanced they are.’
    • ‘Nowhere on TV will you find so many technically advanced camera techniques and presentation.’
    • ‘His winery was technically advanced, and he seems to have made good wine.’
    • ‘It is equipped with the most technically advanced chassis of any car available on today's market and it is a joy to drive.’
    • ‘He paid a big compliment to the suppliers and worker here, since this is the most technically advanced car ever built in Thailand.’
    • ‘It was an eye opener for me at the time, this kind of kite flying I think was in relative infancy at the time though still quite technically advanced.’