Definition of technical drawing in English:

technical drawing


  • 1A precise and detailed drawing of an object, as employed in architecture or engineering.

    ‘within a month, Avro had had prepared the requisite technical drawings for the Lancaster’
    • ‘Also, initially we had technical cooperation agreements with local manufacturers, who then worked with subcontractors and gave them technical drawings that may have leaked out.’
    • ‘Although some creative features are included, the focus here is on creating technical drawings and illustrations.’
    • ‘As cover designs often tended to be artistic or abstract representations, rather than technical drawings or photographs, the descriptions may have been added to help readers better connect them to content in each issue.’
    • ‘A key success of the book for communicating to nonspecialists is in the figures, which are presented in a manner somewhere between a cartoon and a technical drawing.’
    • ‘The storyboard process encourages quick sketches that can often convey the scheme better than belabored technical drawings.’
    • ‘The software is a design application that supports the creation of technical drawings and product images.’
    • ‘None of the plans were real blueprints or technical drawings.’
    • ‘Maps, plans, technical drawings and photographs are dealt with at some length and there is a separate chapter on railway staff records as a source for family history research.’
    • ‘Academics and professionals may be satisfied with technical drawings but a lay public, on which museums depend, need models, virtual reality tours, or, at least, photography.’
    • ‘The Privy Council was there considering fairly simple technical drawings.’
    • ‘Soon, after all the cold technical drawings had been processed, she proceeded onto the photos.’
    • ‘The style in which the society's logo is rendered is very loose and natural as opposed to the sterility of a technical drawing.’
    • ‘The rigour of the text will no doubt be instructive for students while the more advanced reader can glean enough information from the brilliant technical drawings without referring too much to the text.’
    • ‘The numerous displays illustrate the design process through annotated technical drawings and research, audiovisual presentations, case histories and both scale and life-sized 3 - D models.’
    • ‘So if you had a fast-enough computer, and the data properly integrated, you could generate the technical drawings for the maintenance manual, quickly test for safety, and so on.’
    • ‘And beneath that, of course, is a detailed technical drawing, presumably of the principles of mound construction.’
    • ‘Like many other firms, the company is making increasing use of 3 - D modelling software, allowing for accurate, high resolution presentations and technical drawings.’
    plan, design, draft, diagram, drawing, scale drawing, outline, sketch, pattern, map, layout, representation
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    1. 1.1mass noun The practice or skill of producing technical drawings.
      ‘he set up his own business specializing in technical drawing and high-precision machinery manufacture’
      • ‘With his background he enrolled for a course specialising in woodwork, technical drawing, and cabinet making.’
      • ‘When I went to school there were woodwork, metalwork, and technical drawing classes - those kinds of subjects.’
      • ‘Amish was driven towards technical drawing, geography, social studies and principles of business.’
      • ‘Though she had already secured good grades in principles of business, social studies, technical drawing and typing, she admits she wasn't quite cut out for mundane clerical work.’
      • ‘I drew the plans myself, straining to recall fifth-form technical drawing as I tried to figure out which way is up on a French curve.’
      • ‘His sculptures and etchings on this theme straddle a nebulous elegance, somewhere between abstraction and technical drawing.’
      • ‘When I started teaching, it was about woodwork, metalwork, engineering and technical drawing.’
      • ‘At the Technical High School, where technical drawing is a compulsory matric subject, 138 matrics pulled out their drawing boards to apply knowledge gained throughout the year.’
      • ‘Excellent marks were also achieved by students of construction studies, engineering and technical drawing and grades were generally found to be up this year in English, Irish, maths and the sciences.’
      • ‘I selected monographs on a wide range of topics - nature, geography, African history, technical drawing and woodwork, the sciences and assorted reference works.’
      • ‘They were run by the school boards and very much part of the primary school system, but offered an excellent training in mathematics, science, technical drawing, and commercial techniques for the labour aristocracy.’
      • ‘She is in her early thirties now and back when she was at school the girls were all directed into home economics and the boys to the technical drawing.’
      • ‘Brian, who teaches in engineering, metal work, technical drawing, sport, as well as co-ordinating the sports leagues and the sports elements, first came into Youth Reach from industry.’
      • ‘I was always good at instrumental drawing and I could have taken a course in technical drawing and drawing plans.’
      • ‘The professional actor presented a lecture and gave a demonstration of technical drawing and the use of basic colors.’
      plan, design, draft, diagram, drawing, scale drawing, outline, sketch, pattern, map, layout, representation
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