Definition of technical analyst in English:

technical analyst


  • A financial analyst who identifies trends and makes predictions based on patterns in market data.

    ‘he agrees with technical analysts who say there is little momentum behind the stock’
    • ‘Technical analysts calculate support and resistance levels from prices where the stock rebounded in the past.’
    • ‘Technical analysts warned that the FTSE 100 index could plunge by 1,000 points.’
    • ‘Many technical analysts believe that divergences are eventually resolved with a decline in prices.’
    • ‘The top share index hit its highest closing level since December 1999 yesterday, with technical analysts betting the broader market could push on further still.’
    • ‘It is important to be aware of the key price levels that technical analysts are targeting.’
    • ‘They are technical analysts who try to give viewers a sense of where the market is going and what the prevailing trends are.’
    • ‘Three basic indicators used by technical analysts are the moving average, support and resistance levels, and the relative strength indicator.’
    • ‘Technical analysts study historical price movements and look for recurring patterns to give a high degree of probability as to what will happen in the future.’
    • ‘Technical analysts watch stock market charts and data to predict what stocks or indexes will do next.’
    • ‘The technical analyst said: "The sell-off has been quite aggressively taking the market back down towards the recent lows."’