Definition of tearing in English:



  • attributive Violent; extreme.

    ‘he did seem to be in a tearing hurry’
    ‘the tearing wind’
    • ‘The coffee is my breakfast because most mornings I run out the house in a tearing hurry.’
    • ‘And nobody seems to be in a tearing hurry to introduce it in the first phase, East-West Corridor, itself.’
    • ‘Gardens take time, and these ones had obviously been built in a tearing hurry, with little money and far too much optimism.’
    • ‘He's got some other stuff on the go but, career-wise, isn't in a tearing hurry.’
    • ‘The original plans, necessarily produced in a tearing hurry, had to be modified.’
    • ‘Speaking of which, thanks to leaving in a tearing hurry at 8: 25, I am not among the photos.’
    • ‘City builders are realising this is a great option to embark on especially at a time when every enterprise is in a tearing hurry to kickstart its business.’
    • ‘You go through the same tedious procedure and a voice in a tearing hurry might, with luck, give you a new number before you are cut off again.’
    • ‘They are behaving as if they are in a tearing hurry to recapture power.’
    • ‘It seems that he is in a tearing hurry to take sole credit for the successes that Indian hockey achieved in the recent past.’
    • ‘Larwood in a tearing hurry to reach his hundred, jumped out to hit P.K. Lee over long-on.’
    • ‘The French Open is certainly not for anyone in a tearing hurry.’
    • ‘I'm in a tearing hurry because I'm frantically looking up stuff on DDB, and their clients, their credo, that sort of thing.’
    • ‘She now had both arms crossed in front of her face to shield her eyes from the tearing winds.’
    • ‘At least here he had some protection from the wind, the relentless, tearing wind that whipped him so viciously whenever the opportunity arose.’
    • ‘Apparently in a tearing hurry, he squeezed between a bullock cart and my car.’
    • ‘On days like today, sipping peppermint tea, watching from a cafe window as everyone else seems to be in such in a tearing hurry, Kelly himself would probably agree with that.’
    • ‘Don't visit this venue if you are in a tearing hurry.’
    • ‘The tearing wind flattened her skirts against her legs as she ran across the deserted courtyard.’
    removal, taking out, drawing out, pulling out, extrication, wrenching out, tearing out, uprooting, withdrawal, unsheathing
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