Definition of teardrop in English:



  • 1A single tear.

    • ‘A teardrop flows down my cheek when the door swings open.’
    • ‘Charlotte started crying in silence, just letting teardrops fall.’
    • ‘The manager, through his salty teardrops, asks him the title.’
    • ‘Two teardrops fell simultaneously from each eye.’
    • ‘A short while later the flags were raised, and you could literally see a teardrop going down Oprah's cheek.’
    • ‘But our teardrops are all the same, aren't they?’
    • ‘I could feel teardrops burning in the corners of my eyes, but I knew my face held less expression than an unmarked slate.’
    • ‘Bitter, salty teardrops rose in his eyes and drowned sleep.’
    • ‘I just lay there thinking, while tiny teardrops rolled down my face.’
    • ‘Looking as if she was about to explode, teardrops clung stubbornly to her eyelashes throughout, giving her a somewhat manic, glazed look.’
    • ‘The room was full of happiness; teardrops moistened many a smile.’
    • ‘The silent raindrops run down his pale skin like teardrops down a cheek.’
    • ‘She stroked my hair and wiped a teardrop away from my cheek.’
    • ‘A single teardrop trickled down my cheek.’
    • ‘She wiped her eyes of the first teardrops and nodded her head.’
    • ‘I could feel teardrops slide down my face.’
    • ‘Faye begins to cry and a single teardrop runs down Claire's cheek.’
    • ‘One after another, fat teardrops started to roll down his face.’
    • ‘Excess tears are shed as teardrops or escape into the nasal passages.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Shaped like a single tear.
      ‘a wardrobe with brass teardrop handles’
      • ‘I asked for something simple and got a very busy teardrop shape that covers my right palm.’
      • ‘His design is a beautiful cherry wood bead and gold teardrop headpiece, reminiscent of braids layered down the head.’
      • ‘There are lightning bolts and teardrop designs.’
      • ‘Although derived from Philadelphia designs, provincial elements include an angular shell on the front seat rail and the omission of two long teardrop piercings in the base of the slat, making it look heavy.’
      • ‘Alright, all aboard for a time gone by, when narrow pants, octagonal shades, big round hair and teardrop peace medallions were the now thing!’
      • ‘The blood red teardrop necklace tinkled as it gently tapped the orb with the rose.’
      • ‘She carried a teardrop bouquet of lilies and roses.’
      • ‘Narisae opened the box and lifted out a long string of pearls that resembled her necklace, except that on either side of the teardrop pearl in the middle, there was another teardrop pearl.’
      • ‘Her hair was pulled back into a bun, and teardrop diamonds also adorned her hair.’
      • ‘Large oval or teardrop fruits grow 3 to 4 feet tall and produce an average of 8 to 10 fruits that are best harvested when about 6 inches long.’
      • ‘He held out a ring to her, elegant in its simplicity, with a single teardrop diamond winking at them from under the lights.’
      • ‘However, so long as the body form is more or less cylindrical, and the environment is symmetrical as well, these considerations are best served by a simple bullet or teardrop shape.’
      • ‘The blood red teardrop jewel seemed to fall right below the orb that Koji had given me.’
      • ‘From Santas and snow-babies to churches, trains and teardrop baubles, each ornament is individually crafted in an intricate process that takes seven years to learn.’
      • ‘How music like this comes from Sweden is a mystery, but this is the dividing line between revival ironists with calculated haircuts and those who still own vans with teardrop windows.’
      • ‘I have produced a teardrop silhouette and put it within shapes to try to exaggerate volume.’
      • ‘Catherine Zeta-Jones, who appeared, nine months pregnant in a simple black sheath, avoided diamonds altogether, opting instead for teardrop earrings of pink and jet stones.’
      • ‘Beef tataki consists of three teardrop slices.’
      • ‘She carried a large teardrop bouquet of cream roses, lilac freesias, fern, silvered bear grass, variegated ivy, gypsophila and eucalyptus.’
      • ‘I took a quick shower and slipped on my outfit, accessorising with a few silver bangles and a pair of teardrop earrings.’