Definition of tear someone off a strip (or tear a strip off someone) in English:

tear someone off a strip (or tear a strip off someone)


  • Rebuke someone angrily.

    ‘when he realized it was all a put-up job he tore a strip off Julie’
    • ‘‘When I got them in at the end of the game I told them I didn't know whether to tear them off a strip or praise them for a job well done,’ admitted confused Celts boss Lee Sinnott.’
    • ‘He's tearing a strip off Stephane Henchoz and no wonder.’
    • ‘He will tear a strip off you one moment, and hug you the next.’
    • ‘I was going to tear a strip off them for being unpatriotic when our political corr revealed it was simply their own anti-gay protest because the anthem has been hijacked by the likes of Graham Norton.’
    • ‘‘I saw her speaking last October and I tore a strip off her,’ she said.’
    • ‘Scores of web sites are dedicated to tearing a strip off VeriSign and Network Solutions Inc.’
    • ‘Might be home earlier than usual though, so feel free to tear me off a strip.’
    • ‘There's the part when Borchardt is dumped by his girlfriend, the part where his ex-wife tears a strip off him, the part where Uncle Bill is too weak to get out of the bath on his own.’
    • ‘With the exalted post of new deputy Scottish Labour leader, she is particularly keen not to miss the vote, for fear that chief whip Tom McCabe would tear a strip off her again.’
    reprimand, rebuke, scold, admonish, reprove, upbraid, chastise, chide, censure, castigate, lambaste, berate, lecture, criticize, take to task, read the riot act to, haul over the coals
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