Definition of tear-jerking in English:


adjective & noun

  • See tear-jerker

    • ‘The open-air-stage in one of the roads in Pykara was no impediment to the passers-by who turned onlookers after the tear-jerking tale of ‘Kalyani’ shook them, especially the women segment.’
    • ‘With its uniformly excellent cast, Silberling's finely observed meditation on grief and loss never stoops to tear-jerking sentiment.’
    • ‘Someone makes a heartfelt, tear-jerking appeal on behalf of the charity, and then up pops some sweaty, half-cut minor-league celebrity who's a mate of someone on the committee.’
    • ‘They also point to a recent study report from Tamil Nadu that watching soaps, especially the tear-jerking kind, late into night, could result in tearful babies for pregnant women.’
    • ‘I've had many of these this year and am now actually looking forward to the beginning of another challenging, rewarding, mind-boggling, tear-jerking year.’