Definition of teaching hospital in English:

teaching hospital


  • A hospital that is affiliated to a medical school, in which medical students receive practical training.

    • ‘Hospitals were classified as district hospitals or teaching hospitals.’
    • ‘In comparison, the previous survey found that 44% of hospitals were teaching hospitals affiliated with medical schools.’
    • ‘The United States has 130 training programmes in universities, medical schools, teaching hospitals, colleges, and the armed forces.’
    • ‘In the United States the system is very homogeneous and there is not much difference in the substance of training between premier teaching hospitals and ordinary inner city hospitals.’
    • ‘Variation between the teaching hospital and individual non-teaching hospitals reduced over time.’
    • ‘Dandenong, a major trauma center, is a teaching hospital for undergraduate and graduate medical and nursing students.’
    • ‘With an increase in turnover of clinical practitioners at the teaching hospitals, it requires more time to train new instructors.’
    • ‘We based this review on our extensive clinical experience in managing patients in a dedicated tinea capitis clinic at a teaching hospital.’
    • ‘We could transfer more teaching out of the traditional teaching hospitals to district general hospitals.’
    • ‘Whereas many medical advances are slowly brought into practice, clinicians in teaching hospitals are often assumed to be early adopters of new medical advances.’
    • ‘Even at elite teaching hospitals affiliated with medical schools, more than one-quarter don't receive them.’
    • ‘They studied women who were referred to a Scottish teaching hospital's gynecology clinic for treatment of menorrhagia.’
    • ‘Comprehensive genetic services centers are available in the United States, usually located within large medical centers or teaching hospitals.’
    • ‘The current expansion may not be sustainable without increased resources to convert service hospitals to teaching hospitals.’
    • ‘The selected general practitioners regularly referred to the teaching hospital and some also used the district hospital.’
    • ‘One hundred patients were recruited at the gynaecology clinic of a teaching hospital.’
    • ‘My mother and grandmother had been nurses, and I had become a medical writer at a teaching hospital after graduating from college.’
    • ‘The authors assessed patients who were attending anticoagulation clinics in five Canadian teaching hospitals.’
    • ‘This 772-bed tertiary care university medical center is a teaching hospital.’
    • ‘He had been referred to a teaching hospital's neurosurgical clinic but was told that he needed $200 up front to walk in the door.’


teaching hospital

/ˈtiːtʃɪŋ ˌhɒspɪt(ə)l/