Definition of teaching fellow in English:

teaching fellow


  • A postgraduate student who carries out teaching or laboratory duties in return for accommodation, tuition, or expenses.

    • ‘He graduated with a Sc.B. in 1901 and after a year as a teaching fellow at the University of Texas, Moore spent the academic year 1902-03 as a mathematics instructor at the High School in Marshall, Texas.’
    • ‘As a fourth-year graduate student and teaching fellow at Columbia University, I read Jennifer Washburn's article with great interest.’
    • ‘To reduce the chance of cysts coming back, Alicia Gonzalez, N.D., a teaching fellow at Bastyr University in Seattle, advises women to eliminate caffeine.’
    • ‘I served as a John F. Kennedy teaching fellow at the Harvard University Institute of Politics, 1974.’
    • ‘Between 1937 and 1939, she continued her education as a teaching fellow and research assistant to eminent geophysicist Perry Byerly at the University of California at Berkeley.’
    • ‘Already, the center has begun supporting a teaching fellow from the FIU College of Education who's working at an Algebra Project site in Jackson, Miss.’
    • ‘Owen Hartley, a teaching fellow of the history school at Leeds University, is another student of IRA tactics.’
    • ‘The week also included smaller breakout sessions for students and for teaching fellows.’
    • ‘Dr Margaret Ritchie, a teaching fellow and research fellow at St Andrews University's Bute medical school, said she had organised the course to equip GPs to deal with the growing interest in weight-loss programmes.’
    • ‘As soon as I started as a teaching fellow in Sociology at UNT, I felt a compulsion to figure out how to be effective.’
    • ‘Karen Jones is a teaching fellow at the University of Essex.’
    • ‘I shifted to the University of NSW in Sydney in 1967 as a teaching fellow in the School of Sociology (the first in Australasia) which opened that year.’
    • ‘Last fall, a teaching fellow from the clinic flew to Mexico City along with two workers and representatives of four different community groups.’
    • ‘Yes, you know, we need support staff, research assistants, teaching fellows, that type of base.’
    • ‘Among my teaching fellows was an Orthodox Jew, a woman preparing for the Episcopal priesthood, an Irish Catholic (from Ireland), an Indian Christian (from India), and two agnostics.’
    • ‘A teaching fellow in spiritual theology at Vancouver's Regent College, Marva Dawn offers yet another timely and helpful book, the product of her 2000 Schaff Lectures at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.’
    • ‘Browne had become a teaching fellow at the University of Michigan in 1947.’
    • ‘Annetta Smith, a senior teaching fellow at Stirling University's Lewis campus, explained: ‘We have quite a lot of information about the health hazards and more negative aspects of crofting in rural communities.’’
    • ‘As a postdoctoral teaching fellow at the preeminent California Institute of Technology, or more commonly known as Caltech, Goins occupies a premier spot from which to chart a path-breaking career as a mathematics scholar.’
    • ‘Marriage is a metaphor used by Keith Fitzgerald, a former teaching fellow in national mediation and conflict resolution at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.’