Definition of tea set in English:

tea set


  • A set of crockery for serving tea.

    • ‘Cole himself designed a tea set which he entered, using the pseudonym Felix Summerly, at an exhibition organised by the Society of Arts in 1845.’
    • ‘He's sold others to private owners around the world, and it won second prize for the tea set in a National Crafts Council competition.’
    • ‘A Victorian tea set and pottery are among the items recovered from the secret site believed to be final resting place of the HMS Beagle.’
    • ‘However we didn't bring the tea set up [at the wedding] so we had sort of an improvised ceremony instead, just with the Chinese relatives.’
    • ‘The table in front of her was covered with a pale lilac lace tablecloth and the silver tea set rested upon it.’
    • ‘Don't expect to find a fountain pen, a tea set, and a mate for life unless you want to be disappointed.’
    • ‘Another suggested that we each bring a cup and saucer to a birthday party to help make her child a new tea set.’
    • ‘Some neat things, though; an antique tea set, a couple of board games, and so forth.’
    • ‘There was a great white and gold fireplace and even a little gilded coffee table with a silver tea set sitting quaintly in the centre of the room.’
    • ‘Already a number of items including a tea set, mugs and videos have been purchased.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, in order to serve a proper tea you had to have a complete tea set.’
    • ‘Yes, if you wanted a cuppa on a train in the old days it came with a mini tea set assembled, if I remember correctly, on a plywood tray.’
    • ‘He even had a demonstration tea set to show how to align the handle and straw just so to suit his wife's weak arm.’
    • ‘Almost comically, she began to see if her grandmothers tea set was still all there.’
    • ‘Luckily the only thing that was trashed was the table where the tea set was on.’
    • ‘He comes to the Lapham shop to request a silver basin for his tea set that Mr. Lapham had made years before.’
    • ‘There was a handcrafted tray, too, for the gift of a tea set to sit on.’
    • ‘A tea set was placed upon the table along with some biscuits.’
    • ‘She also brought a Shelley tea set which was passed down to her from her grandmother.’
    • ‘It is the excelsior from the tea set that Kenneth mails to Rhoda that she sets afire to murder Leroy.’


tea set