Definition of tea break in English:

tea break


  • A short rest period during the working day, in which people typically drink a cup of tea or coffee.

    ‘the men were on a tea break’
    • ‘At 11 am I checked my email then went for a tea break to the canteen.’
    • ‘During a tea break, the economist told me about an incident at the White House that disturbs him to this day.’
    • ‘The sergeant must be present at the bar when prisoners are being processed, but he failed to leave his tea break and do this.’
    • ‘Well if you've ever tried it, you know that you go and have a tea break before too long and try not to rue the waste of materials.’
    • ‘I asked Graham as we took a tea break this morning in the riverside walk at Matlock.’
    • ‘Afterwards, members were invited to sample the dishes during the tea break.’
    • ‘I shall continue having coffee during the tea break…’
    • ‘After a tea break including mince pies, the chairman explained that this year's charity will close at the end of December and members will vote for the next one at the January meeting.’
    • ‘And we enjoyed the tea break at the local pub in the village.’
    • ‘At tea break he was complaining that the writers cramp hurt worse than the bruises he got during the attack.’
    • ‘He was doing some building work at a school when a music teacher heard him sing during his tea break.’
    • ‘We had carried a very heavy bag for a staggering twelve miles with just a short tea break and we were back where we started.’
    • ‘Try to finish a wall in one go, or there may be a visible change in tone where you took your tea break.’
    • ‘And because I always take it as part of the daily tea break routine, it completely escaped me for the rest of the day.’
    • ‘Staff at the Western Telegraph set the trend on Friday, when they took part in a tea break with a difference.’
    • ‘I catch up with him in a tea break during rehearsals.’
    • ‘During a short tea break, Dyson had connected quantum physics with the Riemann hypothesis.’
    • ‘I am going to suggest that we take a very short break, about five or seven minutes, to give our transcript writer a due tea break.’
    • ‘It was during a tea break four hours later when I noticed things looked a little off centre.’
    • ‘I happened to mention it during my tea break and the manager came back and said we could do it.’
    rest, respite, interval, breathing space, lull, recess
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tea break