Definition of Te Reo in English:

Te Reo


mass nounNZ
  • The Maori language.

    • ‘Furthermore, a campaign in Te Reo is likely to have an impact on Maori whereas one in English will not have such a significant impact.’
    • ‘In New Zealand Te Reo Maori is now part of the school curriculum (speaking Maori, the native language of NZ).’
    • ‘The characters are extremely realistic, speaking in a modern vernacular peppered with Te Reo, their references coming from both modern pop culture and Maori mythology.’
    • ‘She had no problem singing Te Reo but she avoided getting into conversations.’
    • ‘International audiences have demanded he perform in Te Reo.’


From Maori te ‘the’ and reo ‘language, dialect’.


Te Reo

/tɛ ˈreɪəʊ/