Definition of tayberry in English:



  • A dark red soft fruit produced by crossing a blackberry and a raspberry.

    • ‘You could also add raspberries, loganberries, blueberries, tayberries and blackberries.’
    • ‘Uncooked tayberries are great in fruit salads and tarts.’
    • ‘Blackberries and raspberries are often crossed to give varieties such as the loganberry and tayberry.’
    • ‘Add the lemon juice and pour through a sieve into six tall, elegant glasses with five or six tayberries, raspberries, brambles or strawberries in each.’
    • ‘There was a short-lived fashion for Worcesterberries about ten years ago when they were unconvincingly touted as a rival for brambles or tayberries.’


Named after the River Tay in Scotland, near where it was introduced in 1977.