Definition of taxiway in English:



  • A route along which an aircraft can taxi when moving to or from a runway.

    • ‘In the second phase, a second terminal building and another runway is to be constructed with a taxiway for aircraft landing and taking off.’
    • ‘We have charts that show the names of all the runways, taxiways, terminals, etc.’
    • ‘The pilots landed at Laredo, left the aircraft sitting on a taxiway and fled into the night.’
    • ‘In addition to runways and taxiways, Sigel says most airport gate areas may not be sufficient to handle the new plane.’
    • ‘The runways, taxiways, and ramps had not been maintained, water supplies were brought in by trucks, and a system of portable generators and batteries provided the only available electrical power.’
    • ‘We landed normally, turned off the active, completed the secure checklist, and exited the aircraft on the taxiway.’
    • ‘Keep the airplane moving when you're transitioning from the taxiway to the runway.’
    • ‘The government has acquired 3,800 acres of land wherein a 4,000 metre-long runway, taxiways, an apron area with aircraft stands and a terminal building will come up.’
    • ‘A low power laser could create what would appear like a ‘wall of light’ at the intersections of taxiways and runways.’
    • ‘The circuit uses part of one runway and some taxiways, leaving 75 per cent of the airfield still available for flying operations.’
    • ‘Pilots taxiing onto runways or taxiways without clearance accounted for 62% of the cases.’
    • ‘Snow covered taxiways and runways present a variety of problems while taxiing.’
    • ‘That includes hangars and parking areas for the Wedgetail and improvements to the runways and taxiways.’
    • ‘Prior to any takeoff, it's also important to be aware of the contamination on the taxiways and runways.’
    • ‘Moving out onto the Paine Field taxiway, the aircraft moved to the north end for engine runs.’
    • ‘However, the bays and taxiways were unsealed and unsuitable for the operation of aircraft; in the wet season they would be completely inaccessible.’
    • ‘The remains of the runway, dispersal areas, taxiways and bone yard are all still there along with the remnants of a war that ended nearly 60 years ago.’
    • ‘The funds go directly to airports and will also cover noise barriers near runways and taxiways and improved systems to monitor engine sound levels.’
    • ‘He and his three-man team are all qualified electricians responsible for 3300 fittings that comprise Tindal's runway, taxiways and Ordnance Loading Area lighting system.’
    • ‘Dash 2 had aborted at 100 knots, and the pilot was able to slow the aircraft enough to pull off the runway onto a taxiway.’