Definition of tax exile in English:

tax exile


  • 1A person with a high income or considerable wealth who chooses to live in a country or area with low rates of tax.

    ‘he lived for a time as a tax exile in Jersey’
    • ‘In the last six years he had spent most of his time living as a tax exile aboard his yacht Tosca III, dividing his time between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.’
    • ‘O'Brien chose to live as a tax exile in Portugal following the sale of Esat to BT.’
    • ‘Amusement arcade owner Jim Kennedy, who has refused to give evidence concerning allegations of planning corruption at the Mahon Tribunal, lives as a tax exile on the Isle of Man.’
    • ‘He has since moved to Portugal to become a tax exile.’
    • ‘Connery has come under harsh criticism in recent years for becoming a tax exile, living in Spain and the US rather than his native land.’
    • ‘The multimillionaire tax exile's statement to the inquiry was characterised by the bluster and showmanship for which he is renowned.’
    • ‘Moreover, the main beneficiary of that company - Magnier - is a tax exile in Geneva.’
    • ‘This is convenient for McManus, as he is a tax exile in Switzerland and spends most of his time at a home in Geneva.’
    • ‘Since then, O'Brien has spent €25 million on a Gulfstream jet and moved to the Algarve in Portugal as a tax exile.’
    • ‘As a tax exile in Monaco, it is only a matter of time before Tony Ryan sells all his shares.’
    • ‘McCulloch, a tax exile who lives in Monaco, started working on two new hotel concepts after selling the Malmaison chain in 1999.’
    • ‘He has been a tax exile for years, recently declaring that he would only return to live in Scotland if it became independent.’
    • ‘Smurfit, who is from Dublin, lives as a tax exile in Monte Carlo in the principality of Monaco where he is Ireland's honorary consul.’
    • ‘A tax exile living in Portugal, the multi-millionaire claims to have nearly gone bust on several occasions during his extraordinary rise to the top.’
    • ‘These are the same groups that would benefit hugely from the millions of euro not paid by tax exiles to the Revenue each year.’
    • ‘He said a different type of person was becoming a tax exile there.’
    • ‘To become a tax exile you must prove you don't spend 183 days or more in the Republic in any one year or that you don't spend 280 days over a two-year period.’
    • ‘Yesterday, it emerged that the 37-year-old, who has homes in Edinburgh and Perthshire, could become literature's first billionaire within five years if she chose to live abroad as a tax exile.’
    • ‘Mr O'Brien, now a tax exile living in the Algarve, went on to sell the licence for 2.4bn, having bought it for 19m.’
    • ‘In the mid-1990s the Barclays were said to be living in tax exile in Monaco, with an address care of Avenue de Grande Bretagne, Monte Carlo.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The state of living in a particular country in order to pay a low rate of tax.
      ‘the singer was living in tax exile’
      ‘he left France in 2012 to seek tax exile in Belgium’


tax exile