Definition of tax and spend in English:

tax and spend


  • mass noun, often as modifier A political policy of increasing taxes in order to fund an increase in government spending.

    ‘an old-fashioned, left-of-centre tax-and-spend party’
    • ‘If the Democrats are the party of "tax and spend," the Republicans are the party of "borrow and spend."’
    • ‘This group are great tax avoiders and even evaders but they are not the key people in the contemporary politics of tax and spend.’
    • ‘He goes out of his way to deny that he would follow Labour's tax-and-spend policies and holds out the prospect of possible tax cuts.’
    • ‘By and large, I think the public resigns itself to the fact that the Government is a tax-and-spend Government.’
    • ‘This month's questioning on the big tax-and-spend decisions by the mayor marked a new low in evasiveness, as even Tory members privately acknowledged.’
    • ‘The businessman mayor's archaic tax-and-spend liberalism will cost a fragile New York many thousands of jobs and make its recovery uncertain.’
    • ‘Our first-hand experience should lead us all to a simple conclusion: tax-and-spend works.’
    • ‘Californians from across the political spectrum have had enough of tax-and-spend business as usual.’
    • ‘Mindful of avoiding the Massachusetts tax-and-spend liberal label, Senator Kerry has shied away from promoting more expensive social programs.’
    • ‘The federal, state, and many local governments have the authority to tax and spend.’
    • ‘This would not be accomplished through a return to what was derided as old-style "tax and spend" policies.’
    • ‘This rhetoric disguises the very corrosive effect that tax-and-spend, together with ever increasing regulation, is having on the economy.’
    • ‘It takes a lot of money, but we can't go back to tax and spend.’
    • ‘In addition, the "neoconservatives" who rail against tax-and-spend liberals should only look in the mirror to see themselves in the same light.’
    • ‘Tragically, the Minister of Finance disagrees with his own Treasury advisers and prefers to go on taxing and spending.’
    • ‘Basically, after years of self-abnegation, Britain now has an old fashioned tax-and-spend government.’
    • ‘There will be constant attacks on Democrats as "tax-and-spend" liberals.’
    • ‘Ireland took an aggressive approach to getting its economy going in the early 1990s by slashing corporate tax rates, much to the consternation of Europe's tax-and-spend bureaucrats.’
    • ‘But Democrats may be more concerned about the old tax and spend label.’
    • ‘So we have two parties, the tax and spend party and then the spending party.’