Definition of Tavel in English:



mass noun
  • A fine rosé wine produced at Tavel in the south of France.

    • ‘In the 1940s he was hired as consultant to the large California producer Almaden, for whom he created the best-selling varietal Grenache Rosé, having been inspired by the French wine Tavel.’
    • ‘There is even an appellation, Tavel, dedicated to rosé.’
    • ‘They offer a nice simple dry rosé, the 1998 Belleruche Coteaux-du-Tricastin, for around $13, and a 1998 Tavel (an appellation in the Rhône devoted to producing top-notch dry rosé) for about $22.’
    • ‘This pale, full-bodied rosé is as good as anything being produced in more expensive Tavel in the Rhône valley.’
    • ‘Bandol, Tavel, Bardolino Chiaretto, Grenache, and Rose of Pinot Noir are just samples of wines that celebrate the flavors of barbecued food.’