Definition of tauiwi in English:


plural noun

  • People who are not Maori, especially non-indigenous New Zealanders.

    ‘the treaty sought not to offend tauiwi’
    • ‘Tauiwi have stated that the actions of this government have placed increased tension on race relations.’
    • ‘The treaty was not ratified in domestic law, making it inconsequential for tauiwi.’
    • ‘Such positioning serves to identify tauiwi alongside Maori in the matter of sovereignty.’
    • ‘I have to inform him that tauiwi are quite different from Maori—indeed, they are actual opposites.’
    • ‘Accounting for responsibility by invoking a third party repositions both Maori and tauiwi as victims of repressive colonial rule.’
    • ‘I am a Chinese New Zealander, I am Asian tauiwi, my parents are from Malaysia and my ancestors from China.’
    • ‘The group seeks to facilitate discussion around such topics as land claims, Maori sovereignty, conflict resolution, and the future of Maori/tauiwi relations.’
    • ‘A number of us here, obviously, have to put up our hands and admit to being tauiwi.’
    • ‘The integration of Maori, Pakeha, and tauiwi means that tribal jurisdiction might be very difficult.’
    • ‘The second part of the question asked who those tauiwi were.’