Definition of tau neutrino in English:

tau neutrino


  • A neutrino of the type associated with the tau particle.

    • ‘Neutrinos theoretically exist in three ‘flavors’: electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos and the more recently discovered tau neutrinos.’
    • ‘Opera researchers are concentrating their efforts on the oscillation between the muon and tau neutrino.’
    • ‘Neutrinos come in three varieties, each associated with an electron-like lepton: the electron neutrino, the muon neutrino and the tau neutrino.’
    • ‘The leptons consist of the charged electron, muon and tau, together with three electronically neutral particles - the electron neutrino, muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos.’
    • ‘Over time, the quantum waves that accompany the different flavors get out of step, and an electron neutrino seems to morph into a muon neutrino or a tau neutrino and back again.’