Definition of tattletale in English:



  • A person, especially a child, who reveals secrets or informs on others; a telltale.

    • ‘‘You're a tattletale,’ Blake cross his arms over his chest.’
    • ‘It wasn't the fear of being a tattletale or anything that held me back.’
    • ‘Nothing… well, she can't get in trouble for being a tattletale.’
    • ‘What drives me up the wall is when the uncouth classes begin their fighting and screeching and petty arguments, or when snide little tattletales run up to me to tell on people.’
    • ‘But I gotta be careful because I am not a tattletale and I ain't tryin' to make no enemies.’
    • ‘Regina asked, trying to sound like she does not care anymore, but deep inside, she was wondering if Serafina was able to read her mind again or if some tattletale had told her.’
    • ‘So now you're going to play tattletale and report everything to icky Snapey?’
    • ‘No one wants a nation of tattletales, but even the Phillipsburg police admit that there are situations when citizen law enforcers help protect the community.’
    • ‘Jonas does not like Pierre very much because he is ‘very serious, not much fun, and a worrier and tattletale.’’
    • ‘He was their spy, their tattletale, their loyal little grunt in the ever present Boys vs Girls feud that was undoubtedly more vicious than any dreamed up by professional wrestling scriptwriters.’
    • ‘It wouldn't be until Monday morning that she'd have to face the consequences of being a tattletale.’
    • ‘Since they don't want to have it happen to them, they figure that if they are silent, they wont be known as tattletales.’
    • ‘When you take away the sex, drugs and tattletales, the remaining story is very ordinary.’
    • ‘‘The one sitting next to you’ she points at my other side like a tattletale.’
    • ‘She would, she promised herself, rip the tattletale who had ratted on her from limb to limb.’
    • ‘Partly it's because I feel a profound sadness when reading accounts by recently-returned-from-somewhere tattletales.’
    • ‘I turned around and saw Andrew, a tattletale ever since he came in the sixth grade.’
    • ‘When she turned and saw him in the house, still wet, the little tattletale opened her mouth to call her mother but her older sister threw the pillow at her to stop her.’
    • ‘I headed off to find the incumbent tattletale.’
    • ‘I was never usually a tattletale, but I really wanted to see Rose Marie get busted for this one.’
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  • Reveal someone's secrets; tell tales.

    ‘she won the approval of the nuns by maintaining loyalty only to Lee and tattletaling on anyone else’
    • ‘That might be a nice plot, though one flaw in your reasoning - someone probably tattletaled.’
    • ‘It was a weapon and a gift, handed back and forth by the dancers, who fought and flirted, worried and tattletaled.’
    • ‘I was so angry at her because she went and tattletaled on me, and needless to say she never ratted on herself.’
    • ‘All because the teachers never did a damn thing, and if you tattletaled you were the one who either got ignored, shrugged off and told to deal with it or you got into trouble.’
    • ‘Hopi legend says that the spirit of an old woman resides here, tattletaling on any misbehaving tribes.’
    • ‘Then he weaseled out, ran to Newt and tattletaled on the other coup leaders after he realized his coup partners wouldn't back him for Speaker.’
    • ‘Also, I want to have a section for undesirable behaviors, such as tattletaling, repeating requests & attitude.’
    • ‘I wrote to Charles Brooks at Concoco Phillips and tried to tattletale, but without any real evidence, I'm sure it was less than convincing.’
    • ‘But I have a hunch who tattletaled because that person's call backfired one evening.’
    • ‘Some old fogies with no sense of playfulness and humor probably tattletaled.’
    • ‘I realize that there are cultural differences at play here since you were raised in the UK, but generally, Canadian children are taught that tattletaling is unacceptable and childish behavior.’
    • ‘And, Dennis, if you weren't being a ‘snitch’ by tattletaling, on me, to the Webslave, what were you doing?’
    • ‘Today I shall try to be on the alert not to speak an untruth, not to gossip or tattletale, and not to speak disparagingly about another person.’
    • ‘This isn't tattletaling, it's much more than that.’
    • ‘Sure, I moaned about how everyone was tattletaling like grade-schoolers.’
    • ‘The buzz out of Washington is that she and the anchorman had been tattletaling on each other.’
    • ‘Besides, Santa doesn't tattletale on anyone, not even reindeers.’
    • ‘But running to the mods and tattletaling on them is just puerile.’
    • ‘In ‘D.W. Blows the Whistle,’ the three adventures resolve problems with tattletaling and name-calling.’
    • ‘That gives me hope the next time an article such as this is printed it will be the women themselves discussing what they want, what they can do, and not looking like whiny girls who tattletaled.’