Definition of tasting in English:



  • A gathering at which people sample, compare, and evaluate different wines, or other drinks or food.

    ‘we did a tasting of over forty of the cheaper champagnes’
    • ‘They can attend tastings Sunday through Thursday where they can sample up to three tequilas.’
    • ‘Hoping it might help, she joined a church group, went to wine and beer tastings, and tried organized parties.’
    • ‘Before you proceed, however, make certain you are in compliance with state and local beverage alcohol laws regarding tastings.’
    • ‘I will be hosting tastings of summer cheeses and giving summer entertaining tips at Fortnum & Mason on Friday from noon to 1pm.’
    • ‘He teams up with retail shops that refer patrons to the parties and he brings in winemakers to conduct the tastings.’
    • ‘To combat that, Asfour, says they keep the classes and tastings casual and set them up in a space where people can walk around and be social.’
    • ‘Behind me are two big high-street tastings: Tesco, which fielded 100 wines, and Somerfield with 134.’
    • ‘Anyway he was able to accommodate the wine club and will arrange a talk with 4 different tastings for the meeting on April 12th.’
    • ‘It is one of the largest tastings in the area featuring 500 wines.’
    • ‘The evening was one of the largest consumer tastings of South African wines ever to be held in the UK with over 450 attendees signed up.’
    • ‘The tastings really are labour of love and a gift to the wine community, as Dry River's loyal mail list members snap up nearly all the output in advance.’
    • ‘Best of all may be Emmons' advice on organized tastings.’
    • ‘Others may give tours and tastings only by appointment.’
    • ‘The tastings are not as much as a money-drain as one might think.’
    • ‘Around 100 local markets and food and drink tastings have been arranged around the country to coincide with the campaign.’
    • ‘A culinary festival will feature workshops, wine and food tastings, and dining specials with guest chefs from around the world.’
    • ‘Wednesdays, there are tastings with complimentary appetizers.’
    • ‘A good way to let customers experience the varied tastes of straight whiskey and learn more about them is to conduct tastings.’
    • ‘To mark the occasion the market will have tastings and free samples of Fair-trade coffee, tea and chocolate.’
    • ‘Many local companies will offer sampling and tastings during the promotion in addition to special offers and customer prize draws being held.’
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