Definition of taste blood in English:

taste blood


  • Achieve an early success that stimulates further efforts.

    ‘the speculators have tasted blood and could force a devaluation of the currency’
    • ‘A tamed lion will become wild again if it tastes blood; a pampered bird kept in a cage longs to be free.’
    • ‘Now that you've tasted blood, your going to want more, and more of it.’
    • ‘They were eventually forced back, but awaited their escape hungrily, for they had tasted blood and wanted more.’
    • ‘I would like to know before my sword tastes blood.’
    • ‘But after they've tasted blood, will they want to stop?’
    • ‘But remember, I have tasted blood, and I will hunt again.’
    • ‘Now they have tasted blood, surely nothing will stop these committed shareholders from causing devastation among Britain's directors.’
    • ‘They've tasted blood and the bitter bile of losing.’
    • ‘Once a wolf tastes blood they are to be placed down.’
    • ‘Having tasted blood once, they will be prepared to wield the knife again.’