Definition of tasso in English:



mass noun
  • A type of spicy cured pork used in Cajun cooking.

    • ‘Other Cajun specialties include tasso, a spicy Cajun version of jerky, smoked beef and pork sausages (such as andouille made from the large intestines), chourice (made from the small intestines), and chaudin (stuffed stomach).’
    • ‘This is what I consumed my first morning in Louisiana: eggs, an English muffin, tasso sausage, ham, pork boudin, more eggs, pickled pigs' lips, and fruit.’
    • ‘Baked oysters get added body from artichokes and added brawn from spinach and tasso.’
    • ‘Farina, a coarse gravel-like flour made from cassava, is boiled with sun-dried beef to make a dish known as tasso.’
    • ‘Tons of boudin and tasso and crawfish rotted in freezers.’


Perhaps from Spanish tasajo ‘slice of dried meat’.