Definition of Tasmanian devil in English:

Tasmanian devil


  • A heavily built marsupial with a large head, powerful jaws, and mainly black fur, found only in Tasmania. It is slow-moving and aggressive, feeding mainly on carrion.

    Sarcophilus harrisii, family Dasyuridae

    • ‘The threatened animals include birds such as the ground parrot and eastern quoll and marsupials such as the Eastern barred bandicoot and Tasmanian devil.’
    • ‘For instance, today's red kangaroos and Tasmanian devils are much smaller than their fossil counterparts.’
    • ‘The researchers found that, pound for pound, the Tasmanian devil is the most powerful biter alive today.’
    • ‘This group includes all of the pouched animals, such as opossums, kangaroos, and Tasmanian devils.’
    • ‘The only substantial mammalian predator on Kangaroo Island, the Tasmanian devil, is known only from the fossil record.’