Definition of tarweed in English:



mass noun
  • Any of a number of American plants of the daisy family with sticky leaves and heavy scent.

    Madia, Grindelia, Hemizonia, and related genera, family Compositae

    • ‘These techniques can greatly reduce a population of tarweed, leaving very few plants to flower and set seed.’
    • ‘A good example would again be the Hemizonias, some of which have been called tarweeds and some tarplants.’
    • ‘Avena plants were larger and more tarweeds survived into the summer.’
    • ‘Although the slender tarweed described above has the same tar-like odor, it is not nearly as strong as that of this plant.’
    • ‘Pods are deposited close to the basal growth of forbs such as tarweeds and Russian thistle.’