Definition of tartrazine in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A brilliant yellow synthetic dye derived from tartaric acid and used to colour food, drugs, and cosmetics.

    • ‘All samples contained one to three kinds of artificial colours, including tartrazine, sunset yellow FCF, red 2G, carmoisine and curcumin.’
    • ‘The study reported that benzoic acid and tartrazine (yellow food colouring E102) had a bad effect on nearly eight out of ten children involved.’
    • ‘E102, also known as tartrazine, gives food a yellow/orange colour.’
    • ‘In the first week all the children only ate foods that were free of artificial additives, including colourings such as tartrazine, sunset yellow and carmoisine, and the preservative sodium benzoate.’
    • ‘The additives tartrazine, sunset yellow and ponceau are often used to give the dish its characteristic fiery red glow.’


Late 19th century: from French tartre ‘tartar’ + azo- + -ine.