Definition of tarsometatarsus in English:



  • A long bone in the lower leg of birds and some reptiles, formed by fusion of tarsal and metatarsal structures.

    • ‘However, no significant covariation was observed between length of the tarsometatarsus, an index of skeletal body size, or intensity of T-cell-mediated immune response and sonographic features of begging calls.’
    • ‘At present, the oldest reliable fossil from this family is a tarsometatarsus that was found in Colorado, dating back to the Paleocene epoch.’
    • ‘Increased robusticity of owl bones could be seen in the general shape of the tarsometatarsus and its articulation with the tibiotarsus and the phalanges.’
    • ‘With accumulation of more fossil material, it may also be possible to assign other skeletal elements to the tarsometatarsi, which may provide additional clues on the phylogenetic position of these fossil songbirds.’
    • ‘Two bird tarsometatarsi, one from a green-backed heron and another a turkey, were also interred with the human remains at Brandon.’