Definition of target organ in English:

target organ


Physiology Medicine
  • A specific organ on which a hormone, drug, or other substance acts.

    • ‘The dose of a poison a person is exposed to is not equivalent to the amount that enters the body, but rather the amount that reaches the target organ.’
    • ‘The advantage of using these circulating blood cells for investigating the receptor status in human and animals is that they are more easily accessible than cells of primary insulin target organs, such as adipocytes and muscles.’
    • ‘The progestin component provides competitive antagonism to androgen at its receptors, reducing the action of testosterone at the target organ.’
    • ‘When an organ or tissue is under investigation a radioactive tracer can be injected into the patient and allowed to get to the target organ.’
    • ‘Arterial disease assessment, prevention, and treatment clinics provide a common strategy for all patients with cardiovascular disease regardless of target organ affected’