Definition of target cell in English:

target cell


  • 1Physiology
    A cell which bears receptors for a hormone, drug, or other signalling molecule, or is the focus of contact by a virus, phagocyte, nerve fibre, etc.

    • ‘When the hormone reaches its target cell, it locks onto the cell's specific receptors and these hormone-receptor combinations transmit chemical instructions to the inner workings of the cell.’
    • ‘Recombinant retroviruses are a widely used gene therapy vector because of their ability to permanently integrate a therapeutic transgene into the genome of a target cell.’
    • ‘Most commonly, the steroids affect DNA transcription and the production of other molecules that are more immediately responsible for influencing the activity of the target cell.’
    • ‘Interaction with the receptor of the target cell may be essential for this conformational change and the conformation itself.’
    • ‘In this model, electrostatic interactions between the virus, target cell, and charged polymers determine the nature and magnitude of the driving force for virus adsorption.’
  • 2Medicine
    An abnormal form of red blood cell which appears as a dark ring surrounding a dark central spot, typical of certain kinds of anaemia.

    • ‘The second model is based on a stem cell hierarchical framework in which the target cell is a cancer stem cell that may give rise to cells capable of reinitiating the tumor and cells that have limited capacity to differentiate.’
    • ‘The history of knowledge regarding the spherocyte and the target cell together with the theories of their pathogenic significance are reviewed.’
    • ‘The lack of pulsation in the middle of a target cell as opposed to a healthy specimen is due to the fact that the cell membrane has collapsed on itself.’
    • ‘The more common episomal pattern appears as a dense, opaque, blue oval that overlies the majority of the central portion of the target cell.’
    • ‘However, if the sickle hemoglobin S is combined with the target cell, some mild to moderate anemia may occur.’