Definition of Tardis in English:



  • 1A time machine.

    • ‘Propped up against one speaker, there's a postcard of the Tardis materialising in the middle of a stone circle.’
    • ‘The Proclaimers were once asked where they would most like a Tardis to drop them in history, and expressed a wish to be flies on the studio wall while Van Morrison and the Chieftains recorded their Irish Heartbeat album.’
    • ‘Aunty screens the original series, when he introduced us to the joys of time travel in the Tardis.’
    • ‘He said: "The Tardis can travel anywhere through space and time, so it could be going anywhere, including Swindon."’
    • ‘The experience of the bathrooms is like stepping into a time capsule, like a modern Tardis contrasting with the ‘olde-worldy’ charm of the rooms themselves.’
  • 2A building or container that is larger inside than it appears to be from outside.

    • ‘It's a bit of a Tardis - two townhouses knocked together, with a long gallery at the back where the garden used to be.’
    • ‘Stretching away at the back of the house - like the rural equivalent of a Tardis - are 17 acres of land.’
    • ‘The mind is like a Tardis, far bigger on the inside that it appears on the outside.’
    • ‘The experimental house has been compared to a Tardis.’
    • ‘Though the building looks very spacious from the outside, the staff have dubbed it the Tardis in reverse, as the interior is more compact than you would imagine.’


The name (said to be an acronym of time and relative dimensions in space) of a time machine which had the exterior of a police telephone box in the British TV science fiction series Doctor Who, first broadcast in 1963.