Definition of tarantass in English:



  • A four-wheeled horse-drawn Russian carriage without springs, mounted on a long flexible wooden chassis.

    • ‘His two sons were standing in the courtyard, near the stables, as the tarantass drove up.’
    • ‘He assured me that when a good snow road is formed and a tarantass may be exchanged for a sledge, the amount of ground passed-over in a day is something marvellous.’
    • ‘When we had left the village and were driving along in our tarantass the mystery was satisfactorily cleared up.’
    • ‘All day the tarantass was driven rapidly by the iemschiks, who succeeded each other at every stage.’
    • ‘As the tarantass nears the wattled corral, the watchful ravens stir from their perches.’


From Russian tarantas.